Virtual call centre services

KAZAAM Limited provides full-service Inbound, Outbound, Emergency & Crisis Management and Automated virtual call centre services. We offer customized solutions to suite organizations of all sizes while maintaining the highest customer care standards.

KAZAAMS Virtual Call Center isn't just a Call Centre.

It’s a network of virtual, on-demand highly trained agents delivering great customer experiences, flexibility & scale that help elevate your organization. Virtually any customer interactions that can be done by phone or web can be outsourced to KAZAAM. You can use our services to extend your reach into new markets, provide stronger customer support or even retain your existing customers. By outsourcing to us, your organization will benefit from reduced overhead costs and minimized staffing. 

Our Services

Inbound Services focus on taking incoming calls for your organization or business. Some of the many inbound services include: Telephone answering, virtual assistant, customer service, order processing and help desk services.

Outbound Services focus on making calls or establishing contact on behalf of your organization or business. Some of the many outbound services include: Telesales, telemarketing, customer support and market research. 

Emergency and Crisis Management Services help businesses and government agencies not only prepare for the worst and co-ordinate their crisis management personnel and response, but implement and facilitate a seamless emergency virtual call centre service.

Automated services help your organization or business by automating existing processes. Some of the many automated services include: IVR (interactive voice response) and voicemail.

Back-Office Support including data entry, claims processing and order fulfillment. We’ll take on the burden of completing these and all the other necessary back-end tasks on your behalf.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is where your organization can outsource parts of its business to us in order to give you an economically sound advantage in the market, ensuring that all organizational resources within your company are fully utilized cost effectively.

The Value of outsourcing